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    I want to start facebook marketing by creating facebook fan page and app . But I don't know what I need to do so . I heard facebook PVA accounts are needed . But what type of pva account do I need ?
    Please answer me
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    how many type of pva accounts exist ?? what you need is few pva accounts and huge no. of likes and have courage to spam ;)
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    You need Phone verified type of PVA accounts. Thanks and rep appreciated (lol).

    You would need a SSL certificate on your web server for your app. If you are on hostgator then you can use the shared SSL for pages, but if you want to use apps power you need to buy an SSL certificate. If you know how to install it on your server then its fine, else it would be a pain in your ***(you know where). So you would need to hire some one to do that.

    You would need to create some decent app that can cause viral effect (like it should ask for liking, sending invites to friends, post to wall, post on walls of friend to unlock new feature). So yeah you need some coding skills. With FB bringing updates frequently to its API, you would need to be updated with current API. Or easy-peasy you can hire a coder.

    You would spend atleast like $100-$500 per month on FB advertising to bring regular traffic which you would hope to surge if your app goes viral.

    So lets see, you buy FB PVA, you buy SSL certificate, you hire someone to setup SSL, you hire a coder, you spend some money on ads. Thats all you need.

    Oh, I forgot you also need to research a field/niche/market/people that you believe needs/can use your app.
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