Facebook Explains Its Plot To Take Over The 'Net

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    Facebook Explains Its Plot To Take Over The Internet To Freaked Out Users


    Last week, Facebook announced social plugins -- tools that export data about Facebook users to participating websites across the Internet.

    To see the plugins in action, log in to Facebook and then go to Yelp. You should see a Facebook notification drop-down from the top of your browser, telling you: "Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience."

    Navigating around Yelp, you'll see some of your friends faces here and there, along with their content recommendations.

    It's an opt-out experience, and this freaks out some users.

    Facebook wrote a big post explaining the news on its official blog. The main gist Facebook wants to get across is that "The plugins were designed so that the website you are visiting receives none of this information."

    "These plugins should be seen as an extension of Facebook."

    Here's the whole post:

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