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    a couple things i have observed about fb events. feel free to add
    and also a question ....

    is it more logical to post an event from a fan page or to post an event from a facebook group?

    my plan / goal is to have the most amount of people invited, and also so guests can invite their friends / manually join the group. what does everyone think the best method is?

    when u create an event from a FACEBOOK GROUP, you cannot change the privacy once the group has been created, meaning u cant turn the group from "group only" to "Public"

    when you create an event from a fb group, u can initially make it public, and you can invite all group members, but you cant turn it private once its public. you also cannot hide the guestlist of a public group made event. if the event was made public, the event host will be "your personal account" rather than the name of your group....

    if you make an event page from a facebook group ... guests cannot invite their friends unless the event is made public. they can only invite their friends if their friends are in the group.

    there is NO way to not have "xxx joined the event" on the event wall i have noticed. (if anyone has a workaround, please post) ... that kinda shit drowns important info which was posted to the wall. i guess it somewhat makes the event look desirable though?

    THere does not seem to be a way to remove "not attending" clickers from the event? if anybody find a work-around, please post ...
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