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    Apr 19, 2009
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    Hi guys. I'm looking for a few good php coders. I already have about 45 scripts for facebook, some are RPG, some are riddles, some are other things. The apps already have offerpal (like CPA) already in the scripts.

    I'm looking for php coders that can edit the scripts to make the games original. By editing, I mean, changing the name of the game, logo of the game, basic design of the game, background images of the game. You will need to bring some ideas and mostly your coding ability. I have 4 servers that will be doing the hostings for the applications. We go 50/50 on the profit of the apps. I also have a facebook developer account already so we can do it under my facebook account and after a month of trust then we can host on both facebook account/servers once that trust is there.

    I am bringing the scripts, servers, ideas and traffic, example of 2 apps are poolwars and divawars. You need to bring the php coding ability and some ideas. I think if this goes well, I would like to open a membership site for selling the scripts on a monthly basis. So there is money to be made if you are a experienced in php coding.

    You need to be able to start working on this week/weekend. I want to get started on it when after memorial weekend.