Facebook And Google Adwords Ads Accounts With Spend History For Sale/Rent. Full Money Back Guarantee If No Advertising Spend


Please make sure that you are talking to the right person through skype or telegram.
Did you receive my message? Asking to make sure I'm messaging the right account. I'm messaging the second one, the first one looks like the wrong one.

OP you should have an invite link URL to skype or telegram on your post so that way buyers don't get confused and get scammed
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left a message on telegram (Campusminger)
just making sure I talk to the real you lol

Please make sure that you are talking to the right person through skype or telegram. And also we only guarantee no suspicious payments and warmup campaign will start spend.
Real Aged Accounts With Old Campaigns For Sale/Rent. Huge Discounts Will Be Available For Bulk Account Buyers.

Plain And Simple Accounts Service:

- Advertising Accounts Priced From $200 - $1500
- Profiles Priced From $50 - $200
- There will be a $200 fee if you decide to use our setup

How It Works If You Use Our Cards:

1. If You Send Us $300 In Ad Spend
2. We Will Deduct 10% Which Is $30 As Rent Cost
3. You Will be Able To Run $270 In Ad Spend

Life-time and spends:

The life-time ad spend of account is depending on your skills and vertical you're working an average result. We Will Guide You On How To Run Ads Properly.


Skype Live: .cid.98cde322fc232a28 | Telegram: Spartanaccounts

Refund Policy:

We will look at case-by-case status. Refund will not be given after 2 weeks.

Payment Methods:

Crypto / Wire / Paypal. For Paypal, There will be additional 5% fee charges.
Hello, I want to buy Bing Ads Accounts. Thanks.
Can you rent unlimited spending Facebook ad account or business account? It yes, then please inbox me.
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