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Jun 20, 2018
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I am relatively new to Facebook ads and would like to mess around with the numbers so i can figure out what type of numbers i need to be getting when I run ads with money. Of course I can calculate a few things like CPC, ROAS etc. but I need to around 20 stats for a particular product. Is there a facebook ads manager simulator available? Thanks
There is no such thing. There is an official estimate once you set up your ad on Facebook and it's the best performance estimation you can get. But, it is still just an estimate as each ad is different and performance varies due to several factors.

You can set up an ad and get the estimation, you don't have to actually start the ad (spend money) to see the results.
Nah. You need to learn it yourself. Try some to post in forum another section.
It is largely trial and error
If you want a lot of exposure to the campaign, take care of a wide budget and a quality rating of the user and the campaign
There is one tool that do similar work but not only for fb particular it calculates different variables.. you have graphic interface and input landing page autoresponders offers etc and it calculates different stats of probability and cpc cpa roas etc.. forgot the name tough.. I search it now for like 15 minutes and did not find it.. found something similar though.. https://www.stukent.com/higher-ed/mimic-pro-simulation/
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There is nothing like that. But you could get close estimate if you tell us about your product/niche and which country you would like to target.
Watch youtube videos
they do it for you
Found it.. https://geru.com/lifetime/
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