Facebook Ads In Russia How??


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Jan 1, 2015
Hi all,

So I'm planning a trip to Russia.
How do I continue to run FB ads safely there? As you know FB doesn't work in Russia anymore. Russia also actively bans VPNs as I read on the web.
I'm using my own very old account. Putting it in an anti-detect through proxies would be risky?
that ok bro, Most of my client are in Russia, we provide adspower + proxy for them, then use everything normally.
I'm also advertising in Russia and everything is fine, I'm working with an agency they provide me with a very stable proxy
To begin with, in Russia, Facebook uses a method + limited access to it + advertising at the moment cannot be the reason for sanctions
Work through an agency, they will give you a stable proxy or VPS to advertise in Russia or the European region
Putting it in an anti-detect through proxies would be risky?
Nope. We have many clients from Russia and they still can access FB through AdsPower or Dolphin antidetect without any problem. You just need to log in and warm up well + fix the checkpoint when accessing a new IP
You can use Adspower to run ads, I provide fb advertising accounts through it to my customers in Russia, everything is good.
Besides Proxy you can't do anything else
you can access Facebook through anti-detection browsers and using clean proxies with no problem
Anti-detect settings should exactly imitate my laptop right? OS, browser etc. or it doesn't matter? I wouldn't worry much if this was a bought ad account but it's my own old account so don't want to lose it.
The best way is to log your account into adspower, it will help your account be stable and undetected.
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