Facebook Ad JV - I pay for VCC, you create accounts and ad campaigns, you get 10% profits

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by l0cke, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Heya folks,

    I need 1 or 2 people to set up facebook advertising campaigns. I supply the cash via paypal, you find a source for the vcc's and create the accounts and campaigns to my specifications (what's been successful so far for me over the last few weeks.) I'm not willing to pay 30$ for a facebook account, however if you're a facebook account dealer or someone who's sure they can create accounts and have the ad campaigns run through all the coupon cash from my thread in the social network/facebook thread I wrote, seek me out. Toss me a PM or something. I'll pay for the VCC, you set up the campaign with my image, ad text and pointing to the url I want and I pay you for 10% of the traffic I get that pays me. My affiliate pays out at the end of every month, sometimes lagging a little and pays me via a check in the mail. I have online stats I can check to see traffic and purchases. They pay 3$ per lead sometimes (sometimes only) and usually around 50$ per purchase. For a 300$ ad campaign comprised of 60 cent clicks I've usually had 5% convert to a full purchase, each equalling 50$, which means per 600$ I usually get 40-60 conversions (2000$-3000$). If 30% keep it and don't chargeback or blow off the product then that's around 1000$ for each 600$ in credits, which costs around 7$ to create a facebook account with coupons, so 14$ = 1000$. Each account you create, with my money will probably make you 50$. If you're inexperienced and the account gets banned, I don't get traffic. If any of my accounts that you make get banned (I'll want them in batches of 3 per day) you won't get paid for one of the other ones. I'll need the cash to break even. If you're interested, PM me.

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