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Dec 13, 2016
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Publicly available for the first time:

5-star Facebook Accounts by SoFarm

If you’re making money with Facebook ads, we’re here to take you to the next level with the best quality FB ad accounts on the market!




SoFarm package
What will you get:
  • Access to the exclusive online platform with Facebook accounts + Business Manager accounts + Pages

  • PayPal account attached with $50 already spent on ads (login details disclosed)

  • User manual including best practices

Orders of 5 or 10 accounts: $1000 per account

Orders of 15 or more: $850 per account

Orders in batches of 5 accounts.

Place your order
Get in touch and discuss the order on Skype (see details above), make a payment and receive the SoFarm package with FB ads accounts with the login details.

FAQ: Facebook Accounts Information

Top GEO: Choose your preferred location: the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Cyprus

72 Hours Fair Play NO BS Replacement guarantee

Immediate replacement if your account gets banned: running white hat ads within 72 hours after delivery; following our guidelines; while attaching approved payment method.

No replacements/refunds if: running black hat ads, using bad payment method and other misuse (no debit, VCC or other low quality payment methods).

Refunds are not possible. One replacement per account.

Do you qualify for SoFarm?
We offer our guarantee to affiliates who:
  • Know the bizz with the track of slick campaigns

  • Know the game’s ups and downs but know how to make the buck

  • Can provide accepted payment method

No noobs, sorry!

Accounts’ Lifetime
The lifetime of your account depends on 3 variables:
1. The accounts quality: We deliver the accounts with $50 spend so there’s no debate: accounts work.
2. Your experience: If you know how to treat your accounts and you have payment methods with proven track record then your account should stay up 2 weeks up to 3 months.
3. Facebook moods: If Facebook isn’t swiping everything on their path you can make the accounts last for a long time if you got experience.

How much spend can you do on the accounts?
It all depends on your strategy. If you play it cool, your setup is good and you know how to handle FB ad accounts, you can spend between 10-30K on each account. But really, the sky is the limit.

Do we provide a payment method?
PayPal with $50 already spent is attached to all accounts. You’ll get the PayPal logins and you can use PayPal to add your own payment method. PayPal has a spend limit so you’ll need your own payment method as alternative for your advertising.

We accept these payment methods: Wire & Payoneer

Do you offer test accounts?
Sorry, we don’t offer test accounts.

Review copies
We offer 3 Facebook accounts for review. Only for Jr. VIP members with significant experience running Facebook ads can apply. No noobs, sorry!

To apply for the review copy:
  • Comment below

  • Get in touch via Skype @support.sofarm with a short description of yourself and your experience
In return, we will ask you to give the review of our accounts. Please keep that part of the deal. :)

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Seller provided Facebook account for review. The entire system is by my favourite account management tool I have used.

This is a league above other facebook accounts I have tested, the interface and everything else is just brilliant.

Very impressed over all. Great service.
Thanks again for a great review! :)

3 Review copies now available: Only for Jr. VIP members with experience running Facebook ads so you can share relevant reviews of our interface & accounts.

Apply by commenting below and we'll pm you.
Interested in this too;

3 Review copies now available: Only for Jr. VIP members with experience running Facebook ads so you can share relevant reviews of our interface & accounts.

UPDATE: US accounts curently sold out. Join the waiting list by replying here or send us a pm.
UK, NL & CY accounts still available.

We replied to everyone above, check your inbox!
UPDATE: US accounts back in stock!

Reach out to us via: pm, Skype or reply to this post.

I was given a review copy to try this service.
Communication was first class throughout. I did ask for an American persona which are just back in stock ( grab one while they are available ).

Support has been fantastic, constantly updated and I could not have wished for better service.

The accounts are aged, the profiles look genuine.

Regarding the interface, it is sleek, easy to navigate and user friendly.
There's a really helpful manual on the site too to help you activate and access the accounts.

Highly recommended, a great service provider.
SoFarm gave me a Review copy Yesterday,

I have checked out the Profile, Business Manager, and Fan Page.

The accounts are Aged 100 days from what I see, Business Managers have a Campaign running and warming the account, the Business manager is organized well, Fan Page is fully profiled and has posts from the last 30 days or so.

The UI is amazing, I have been buying accounts for a while now and just haven't seen anything like this. Very professional and organized.

Overall I am very satisfied so far, there is no reasom why I cannot spend big on this account, I mean they took out alot of guess work with the backend and login/logout system.

I will update in 1-2 weeks on Accounts lasting time.
Thank you MisterF and Adevelopedlife for awesome reviews! :)

We have an important update: the new best practices manual is now available on the platform with detailed guide on how to run sleek campaign day by day and make the big buck with our accounts!

Also, all 4 geos (UK, US, NL and CY) are now available for the grabs so get in touch via skype @support.sofarm.
Hey guys, Facebook's been sweeping lately so we prepared limited FB accounts sale! Hit us up on Skype @ support.sofarm ASAP! Only 100 accounts with this offer!

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