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Facebook is currently the platform has the most users in the world. It's still the best for me
Today in this global world ,every social media platform has its own importance but it ultimately depends on personal preference. Facebook is certainly one of most popular and widely used social media network ,with a large user base and a variety of features for connecting with friends, family and interest
it's still the largest platform with more than 3 billions users now, so i think it's the best
I think in the near future, FB will develop more platforms such as: videos, adding shopping carts on live...

Biểu tượng Cộng đồng đã xác minh
Each platform has its own advantages, depending on your needs, but in my opinion, Facebook is still the most chosen by users.
Do you think Facebook is the best for social networking?
It's impossible to say which one is better, there are many different social networking platforms, the important thing is which platform you focus and are strong on, that is the best one for you.
At least for now, superior in many aspects
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