Face Book Scamming Advertisers-Check this out & Share your own experience

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    Is facebook scamming advertisers?

    In the past I have been leary as a marketer using FB ad program. Over the last few months they have been ramping up their network claiming to have improved a ton of features for would be advertisers, however I recently ran a very small test. I set upa boosted post with a very smal ad budget of $20., targeting affiliate marketing professionals just to see what the initial CTR's would be. FB recorded 21 click through's from their ad to my target website (not on facebook). I have Google analytics installed on the site and the entire day this ad ran Google Analytics only recorded one visitor origiating from Facebook.

    I'd be curious to here your experiences on this as well. So please comment and let me know. I believe they are scamming advertisers on their network. There have been similar lawsuits in the past from other networks that were doing the same thing so don't know how far this goes. Tell me your thoughts.