Fab.com invitations plus 70% off!

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    Fab.com was shown to me by a friend when they had some special thing for hitting 350k members. They sell artys design type things at pretty good prices, up to 70% off the retail value as they claim. The site is invitation only and I can offer invites to anyone who request, just PM me your email or post here and Ill send you an invite ASAP. They have tons of stuff from $10-$5k, from kites and candles to furniture and house decor. Some pretty cool technology themed stuff as well. Definitely worth checking out.

    Some example deals:

    $18 on Fab, original price about $40




    Bags from $21 to $70 (original prices from $40-$100)


    Oh and before I forget to mention it, every day a few new designers have products featured, and they are only sold for 3 days I believe before its gone, so take advantage of this opportunity!!