F*ck*ng [email protected] is trying to cheat me, What do I do?!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Gwendoleea, Nov 21, 2008.

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    The butt munchers at [email protected] are trying to tell me that the site that was registered with them back in June, has no content. It Surely does and has since 3 days after the hosting was purchased and domain name was bought through THEM.

    PLUS, They don't like my personal email name. because it has an adult connotation to it SO because of my email NAME, they are trying to say they "don't host adult sites" (which the site that they are hosting is not adult not even CLOSE, it's a freaking Machine shop!) and since it appears I am in violation of there terms of use they don't feel they should pay me.

    WTF do I do?

    Hosting bought from them in June. Site up and live 3 days later, has been up ever since.

    My personal email is adultsitecash. SO FUCKING WHAT?! How is that ok for them to say they don't like my email so they wont pay me? Um if they aren't hosting adult content, WTF does it matter what my email says?!

    Can anyone help, I'm about to start hunting for a way to cause them emmense freaking pain if they dont give me my money.

    (Kinda pissed, can ya tell?)

    Thank you.
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    Have you tried talking to them on the phone? It's not much in the way of help I know, but sometimes you get better results when you talk to real person.