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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by grahamhead, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Morning All

    I am starting to use Ezine and I am looking to do an experiment but wanted to check if anyone has done similar to this before.

    How many visits / published do you get per 250 words?

    I plan on writing similar content all for the same niche with a total of 20 articles. Each article will contain an extra 250 words than the last one. Up to the limit of 5000. Then I will track the articles over the first month to see which one gets the most views and the most published. Also I will provide a different link to a landing page on my site to track the clicks efficiently.

    Hopefully the results will show me what is the optimal article length to submit, thus saving my time and getting the most from content writers.

    So has anyone done a similar experiment in the past? I cannot see it in a search.


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    If your goal is to determine what length your articles should be, why not search the article directory? If your niche is "debt consolidation", search for it on the article directory and review the most popular 5-10 articles that are returned in the results. Not only will you be able to see how long the articles are, you'll also see what are the most popular headlines. Effectively researching your competition will be a huge timesaver for you.
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    agreed, but it get quite tricky to write generic keeping a product in mind and then doing that a multiple no. of times!
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    I've always found that 300 - 350 word articles work great for me. Keep your keywords to 2-3 times scattered in the article and you will be good to go! I've found my best CTR to be on my 300-350 word articles than my 500+ word ones.....People want short and sweet.