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EZ Money With Email Marketing (Whitehat)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Zeize, May 4, 2013.

  1. Zeize

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    Hey Everyone,

    It has been a while since I have shared... I still have yet to get in touch with an Administrator to see what happened to the account I had registered back in 2006 Which was a VIP Hopefully sometime I will get that addressed but. The people on here are still really good was my favorite website back in the day even tho the content has been lacking a bit as of lately but there has been some pretty good threads recently. So Let's start this method It's not new but figured it may help some people, I have some twists on it and the great thing about this method is you can copy it exactly and it will work or you can put your own twists and make it better.


    Note: I cannot post any live links or screenshots thanks to "user permissions" but none the less let's start it out.
    For this example it's going to be in the MMO (Make Money Online) Niche.

    Things you will need:
    1. Domain & Hosting
    2. Squeeze Page promoting a "free gift"
    3. Affiliate network that is lead based or sales based I prefer lead since it converts better. - cashnetwork is a good one 2.00 for name and email submits targeted in the same niche I'm sure there are others this is what im using as my example tho
    3. Software, AdtrackzGold & Click Maximizer.
    3.1 AdtrackzGold allows you to see clicks that are coming in and monitor your conversion rate from different links
    3.2 Click Maximizer is a URL Rotator, it has tons of features like geo targeting and all of that good stuff.
    I fill focus on these later.
    4. You will need a Autoresponder service IE: (Aweber, GetResponse) - You will want "Single Opt-in" Do not do Double Optin

    Method: After you have gotten the software or found a way to accomplish what you need by other means you are going to contact people about "Solo Ads" The objective of this is to get highly targeted traffic to your squeeze page and get optins Their are many S K Y P E Groups for this. As well as a nice website by the name of safe-swaps but that site cost money for the swaps the groups are free tho. The industry standard for solo ad providers is .40/click so expect 40.00 for 100 clicks if you have a good converting squeeze page you should get around a 40-45% conversion you can use AdTrackzGold to figure that out and your OTO (One Time Offer) Will compensate "Some of your expenses" not all of them. You are trying to get up to a minimum of 1,000 leads minimum before we move onto the next step. The bigger the better but 1,000 leads will do. What you then want to do is start swapping clicks with other people. Now you don't want to put in their direct link to their squeeze page you might send them too many clicks right? So use Click Maximizer or a program like it and have several swap partners in rotation another good thing about that software is you don't want to send the person the same person over and over you would rather a visitor visit the page once and send them to the next swap partner. How this works is you grow your list at the same time you are making your money off of your OTO's. You can also sell clicks in the form of a solo ad and sell for .40/click I just don't recommend it as it burns out your list and you are taking a small amount of money and losing leads. I'd rather get paid to get more leads to get paid more. If you can generate 100 clicks/day you should get 40 optins and 10.00/day on average and about 4-10 unsubscribes. So you are running a surplus and making it larger and making more income from swapping as you are able to generate more clicks. The Business grows itself.

    Reason I'm even posting this is I can't link to it again because of restrictions but there is someone on this forum one of those "journey threads" where this individual was using a video to get clickbank sales and he was very persistant and it was a very interesting thread. I just wish he would have added his own squeeze page to it. I was looking at his click count and he could have made alot more money then he has just by capturing some of these emails. If you are reading this I hope you integrate the capturing the lead into your affiliate marketing campaign.

    I hope some of you found this useful I'm pretty busy myself I took the time to write it I feel there may be questions. There may be comments like "That's a noob tactic" Honestly IC alot of noobs on here so they need help to get in the right direction. This is just a different angle they may or may not know. So please no negative comments in this thread instead see if you can improve it. Information is very important and this site used to be about "The Money" I wish I could post screenshots and links so I could give more indepth examples but unfortunately I lost that privilege when my account somehow got deleted i don't even know when i just see my old posts with my old username and "guest" status.

    If you would like help on exact information like the links I'm sure another member can post the live links and some good examples of squeezes or you can send me your contact information and I would be happy to send them over. I like action takers not talkers that's what this site was founded upon back in the good days everyone was about action.

    I really do hope someone finds this useful.


    - John
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