EZ Content Blocker Method (for noobs)

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    Well I guess its my turn to share a little :D so lets get strait to the point (since we like to do less reading and more working right??)

    CPA networks with content blockers:

    (removes the * and google them)

    Content Blockers to download
    WP Guardian (for wordpress only)
    Blackhat Codebreaker
    (wpguardian is fuckin awesome and support is the best i ever came across buying software...)

    Content Blockers and yahoo answers
    Get a handful of level 2 accounts and put in some hours and making about $45 a day is no problem.

    1) Get some level 2 accounts

    2) Search for questions that's still open in thats still open and pop in a like like "The movie Avatar was good... I just got finish watching it at this site"

    This can work with anything from boxing matches, season finales before they air, hell even try sex tapes... to check the top movies to yahoo buzz google trends or even try top vids on youtube...

    3) Find free hosting 000webhost.com, 110mb.com, orgfree.com (just seach around it really dosent matter)

    4) Download this fake movie template and put on the hosting site:
    (dont need a virus scan since its not a executabe file, its 2 .html files and a .gif)

    To edit just open in note pad and change the Title, Header and and add the content blocker script code. Everything is commented so it still be stupid simple...

    To change the picture just goto a trailer on youtube or some other video site.

    Take a snapshot of the screen.
    Put it in paint then crop the movie section and save it as movie.gif

    Then replace it with the movie.gif that has avatar on it.:eek:

    To use WP Guardian you'll need to have wordpress so just find a simple empty landing page theme and pop the movie.gif picture in a post and configure the plugin

    To have it work for multiple fake movies, shows, etc... just make a new folder and put the fake page in there then use a url shortner like onodot.com to make the link look pretty and short :D

    5) Find a zip or email submit and pop it in the content blocker ( if you downloaded on opposed to using the content blocker from the cpa network)

    This is not to make bank off of... this is more like emergency cell phone bill money. Most consider it spam but who care as long as people fill out them offers...

    I had a second method but im hungry and sleep deprived (please look pass the errors lol) so ill be back later to post it :rolleyes: