EZ Aut Responder and Gmail Question for the Pro's

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    Running into an issue with my gmail accts getting disabled when using EZ Autoposter to respond to emails, maybe there is something I am missing you all can help with:

    So I use Clad to post on CL.....if you are familar with Clad you know that you post with an individual email or CL acct and it gets forwarded to a master email acct, which then forwards to another email which is what my auto responder captures, all those emails I am using are gmail accts

    I have 10 gmails in my EZA, all were made with a seperate IP address (IP Rental), but all have the same password (could that be an issue?) , cookies were cleared before I created each new gmail acct.

    EZA runs responding to my emails that come in from my CL postings, maybe around 600 a day between 10 accts, nothing too crazy, but it has now happened twice that I run my test and all my gmail accts are disabled.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, not sure what the hell I am doing wrong to keep losting my accts!! :confused: Totally screws me up as I have to start all over with my campaigns and EZA

    Thanks, love reading this forum and looking forward to a possible solution for this!
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