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    Hi all,

    Have begun my 2nd year at uni (3rd year overall) and am wondering is there a decompiler somewhere out there that can decompile LinkAssistant etc? I am very aware that this was made using Java and I would just like to see their packages,objects and interfaces etc and see how they packaged it together. This year I will be taught to create medium sized programs and LinkAssistant would be a great example to look at. In NZ there is a clause in the copyright law that says you can "copy" things for educational purposes, as long as you don't publish it. Obviously for a seemingly complex program they would have their classes put into several packages. This would really help me, especially for towards the end of my 2nd year and 3rd year. In summer school I'm going to take a 3rd year paper for designing a software package and computer game so if I could at least look at LinkAssistant's overall structure/files it will give me an idea of how to appropriately package together a medium sized program.
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