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    I've written a script that auto generates xrumer projects based on which of my pages are not at number 1 in the SERPS. The script runs from a cron job every morning. It also generates a schedule.xml to autorun them.

    Problem is i can set the xrumer schedule to download the schedule.xml file every morning from my server (the last command of the previous schedule.xml) but theres no way for me to reload the schedule.xml into xrumer while its running and refresh so its the current schedule, so essentially it can't run the new schedule, if xrumer is closed or even the schedule window is closed then it automatically overwrites the downloaded schedule.xml file with whatever's in the memory at the time.

    Theres a function similar to this in schedule called reload projects which is great for reloading the daily projects back into xrumer once they've downloaded but there doesn't seem to be a similar option for reloading the schedule. Does anyone know any kind of work around for this, i have one way of doing it but it's not ideal. Thanks in advance for any ideas.....