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    hey, everyone...

    ok, so I have a question about link building strategies.

    Let say I have 5 money sites and 50 external pages across the web (dedicated web 2.0 pages / lenses, youtube videos, ezine artices, twitter/FB accounts etc.)

    Then I build links to those external pages to pass juice to my money site.
    What is the best strategy for it?

    1) Is it better better to have more external pages with less links pointing to them (assuming that each external page links to a money site; it's not really a link wheel as i don't interconnect them between each other) or less pages with more links? I don't expect to optimize each of external page to rank high, as I don't think the time will allow so much efforts... not sure if it can be done just with a few links and optimized content on those hub sites (?)...

    2) Is 2nd layer required. More properties pointing to mentioned external pages...

    3) How does amount of outbound links on the external pages effect passed link juice (let's say, I have a page that links to 10 of my money sites). Is it better instead to have 10 pages that will link to one web site only?

    so on... :)

    thank you.
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    1) Mix it up. Make it look natural. Some have a few strong links, some with more weaker links. Don't worry about ranking these hub sites, just use them for links. Keeps them off the radar, and if they do or don't rank no biggie.

    2) Depends on what you need. As you build on it, you can grow it out with additional hubs/layers if needed.

    3) Link juice is diluted by the number of links. Fewer links = more juice per link. I wouldn't link all money sites from any one hub site in any case.