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Exposure [All Input is Welcome]

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by bunts, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. bunts

    bunts Newbie

    May 22, 2014
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    Hows it goin BHW
    I've been a Lurker for quite awhile. Using Various Services and Always reading about topics and educating myself but i wanted to finally ask about exposure

    Youtube / Facebook / Instagram

    I am a 6 Figure Earner in a MLM and Always trying to Better my Exposure.

    Youtube Obviously SEOing Videos to Get to the Top of Keywords.
    Facebook, Not sure about Exposure Techniques.
    Instagram, Obviously Botting, but That has went very downhill since the Limitations were placed. I built a great instagram account about a year ago and I've built it up to about 20k real. Def want to get it much more exposure.

    What are your guy's recommendations for the next things I should do to Up Online exposure?