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    I will outline a method for the ones who should really work on it. There is nothing like "scale it up" etc etc. You just need to promote your services nicely for the potential customers.

    We have all got blogs. And they are getting many many spam comments every day. There are lots of threads here on BHW started by the members asking for a solution to get rid of spam comments on blogs. But sometimes, some people think in a different way. This guy asks: "Could Spam Bring Traffic to my Site?". Check please:


    It may bring traffic. What if it brings money too? Money from targeted customers? OK. let's start:

    Spam comments are mostly badly structured and organized. Like coming from a retard. Please check:


    I am sure you have seen much worse ones. When you visit some of those links, you will see really good sites which are some kind of authority on their branches. Unfortunately, site owners are generally unaware that their seo service providers pushing such useless comments to unrelated blogs with crap sentences. I hope, you have got the point now.

    Design enhanced, easy to read, clear, promising and convincing emails telling those site owners that "they are not getting any good service from their providers/agencies. In contrary, what those seo agencies do may even harm their sites regarding latest google updates". Give them real world examples of some big guys punished by google.

    Then promote your own services to the owners. You do not have one? Then go to Buy/sell threads. Ask one of members if you can be an affiliate of them. And ask them if they will place your logo to their reports.


    1- Have a related domain name.
    2- Have a well designed web site before applying this.
    3- Have a really well designed company logo.
    4- Do not send any email from yahoo or hotmail or gmail. Use your own domain.
    5- Having a physical address and including a real phone number help much

    Similar idea can easily be run for the local seo opportunities.
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