Explain to Me How this was Done

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    I buy sites. I was interested in this one: http://bit.ly/Rc9c2h

    I ran a check on its back links through SEO Spyglass. The program initially told me the site had 16K backlinks. I knew the site was new, so I thought it was from xrumer or scrapebox. But SEO Spyglass reports that the url it was checking was drugs.com not the one I entered. I can see it is some kind of 301 redirect, but I don't know more than that.

    I don't want to get scammed when I buy sites. I am willing to pay someone via paypal to explain to me how this was done so I can check for this in future.

    Any questions, just ask. I don't post much, I mostly read, so I don't know if I can accept or send PMs. If you are interested in the job, please either post here or try a PM.