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Expired Domains. Backorder domains. When will expired domains come available?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by silvereagle510, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. silvereagle510

    silvereagle510 Newbie

    Oct 29, 2013
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    Berkeley, California
    Greetings to all of you. I am waiting for a domain to come available through one of the domain backorder services (NameJet, Snapnames, and Pool). I even took the liberty to backorder through GoDaddy even though it's useless. The issues I am having are...

    The domain is EXPIRED (SEP-26-2013). The domain status is OK as of (OCT-29-2013). Why is this and what does it mean? Shouldn't the domain status be REDEMPTION or something?

    How long will I need to wait until I see any changes in whois?

    Why does the domain have two expiration dates listed in the whois. One is for SEP-26-2013 and the other expiration is for SEP-26-2014.

    1. Other domains have expired after the domain I seek and are available with "Closing Time" on NameJet. Why is my backordered domain I set as a backorder available with "Closing Time"?

    2. There are a few others who're expressing interest in the same domain I am because there are approximately 4-6 bidders for the same domain on NameJet.

    3. The domain in question was registered with 123-reg.co.uk but is through Tucows.:eek:

    4. I have not received any notifications from NameJet, Snapnames, or Pool of any changes with the domain in question. Is there a way I can keep track with any changes with the domain up-to-the-minute?

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