Expired domain how much time to wait before start linkbuilding for money site?

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    Hello, 2 weeks ago i scraped 5 old expired domains which were dropped 2 - 3 years ago with good metrics (DA10 - 25, PA, TF 10 - 20) and generic topics. My money site has some keywords already ranking number 4 - 5 on google. Since two weeks i setup blogs on those 5 expired domains wrote 5 articles for each and on two of them i created articles with links to my money site, but until now i don't see any movement of my rankings, all articles are indexed. I have the following questions:

    1. How long should i wait for linkbuilding to money site after first time setting up the blogs, i will add more and more articles.

    2. Will expired domains dropped 2 - 3 years ago without spam history get power again if i put similar content on it like before?

    3. If you have 10 expired domains, in which time interval you will put links to money site? every 3 days 1 link? every week 2 links?

    4. The linking article will appear on the domain main page of expired domains, but do you let the links also appear on the domain main page or down to the second level in read more part of the article?

    5. Sometimes i observe expired domains were at sedo for sale without other spam activities, will those still work?

    6. Sometimes i observe expired domains having 302 redirect to new site years ago in time machine, dropped 3 years ago, but the backlinks are still there from authority sites, can i take such expired domains for my PBN?
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    1. Depends on your money site - how old is that domain? Wait 1-2 more weeks
    2. Yes, they will help you rank if they are clean and have good links
    3. You can make it a bit more random, drop 3 links today, wait a day, 1 more, wait 3-4 days, 2 more links
    4. I make sure it looks somewhat natural, you'll get good results even with inner page linking to you, since the root domain directly links to the inner page
    5. Sure, if they are clean and have good links
    6. People are split on this one. I personally dont see a problem with a 301/302 so long as it wasn't some SEO redirecting to an unrelated site - if the redirect was legit, i'd use it
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    If I were you, I would focus first on rebuilding the expired domain.

    What this means is that I would spend more time on archive.org's wayback machine and as much as possible reconstitute the pages that your website used have.

    Of course you might run into copyright issues because you can't simply copy and paste the extinct content that was there.

    You have to remember that copyright laws protect content as there's some sort of copy existing anywhere.

    Since archive.org preserves a copy, you might run into intellectual property infringement issues if you just copy and paste somebody's content, eventhough, technically speaking their

    content doesn't exist.

    I would focus on hiring cheap writers from the Philippines, Bangladesh, or India or some other places with large population's of people who speak English as a second language.

    You might wanna start there, in reconstituting the content footprint of the expired domain.

    The next step is to make sure that everything is linked up properly.

    Then and only then, should you start thinking of building links to your money site.
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