Experts only. Cpa approval experts from u.s please read.

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    You can choose to work with us in a RevShare payment method or flat CPA.

    We provide everything needed to get approvals, we give you the safest way for you to cooperate with us -- no one will know who you are, where you are from and who you are working for. LOL

    You never ever pay us anything, but get paid from us always on time via Paypal, ACH, Wire, as you wish.

    You can earn at least net profit 2500 dollars monthly for just submitting applications and some phone calling.

    Friendly advice: I don't push anyone to believe it, and you are good to highly doubt about this opportunity before you get paid from us. But please seize this opportunity before we recruit enough guys to work with.

    Interested? Drop me an email with brief introduction about yourself at lavetter2013 (this is a username of google email address, hope you can figure out where you should send your email to)

    following info should be included in the email, otherwise, you might not get any response from us:
    name(OK to set a fake name)
    mobile phone no.(real required)
    state(or time zone)
    skype id
    payment method
    how long have you been in this industry?
    what accounts do you currently have?
    screenshot of one of your tier 1 network accounts.