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    In my competitor's mind
    I need someone to help with my keyword research workload.

    *If you are just going to use the google keyword tool and send me a csv file, please don't apply.

    Here's what I am looking for:

    - keyword research experience - no noobs please
    - work from a list of starting root keywords
    - ability to analyze and reverse engineer competitor keywords (both ppc and organic and tell what they rank for)
    - analyze competition level
    - ability to find those hidden, yet effective, keywords
    - ability to determine most valuable keywords with greatest potential for increased traffic and conversion
    - ability to harvest Google suggestions (words before and after keyword, abc + keyword + abc)
    - possesses advanced keyword research tool(s) for deep keyword research
    - good understanding of how search engines work
    - ultimately provide a list of relevant keywords

    - any other skills that will help us find the best and most profitable keywords.

    PM me with your info. A small sample of your work would help.