{experimental method} torrents and cracks-no rar locking and no more being banned

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    Well I would like to say that I have not tried this but I think it has a lot of potential.
    This is an experimental method and I would like people to try this method out.

    First Look for a program that is popular and requires activation like MS Office or Adobe Fireworks.

    Now download that program and leave it alone.

    Now for the money making scheme. There is 2 ways to do this.

    1st method

    Creat a TXT saying CRACK or GET CRACK or ACTIVATE or FREE KEYS.

    Put a link in the TXT to SHARECASH etc. I think this will get you around 10 dollars a day.

    Make a regular folder and put the TXT and program in there. DO NOT LOCK THE FILE

    Create The Torrent and Upload.

    Theres a extremely low chance you will get banned.

    2Nd Method

    Create a Blogger with a content lock
    look for a crack of fake crack put the link on the blogger
    create the txt put the link to the blogger and create the torrent with the txt and your program
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    please help me out here..i am going to follow your method..i have a website dedicated to latest hot files and games , i am gonna see them from my torrent..but could u just elaborate the second method so that i can use it with my site ?