[EXPERIMENT] Searching people for a case study

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    Hi all,

    I'm doing research on on-page factors, especially internal linking for long-tail keywords.

    I've been working on a method and a little software. I'm planning to write a case study here on BHW and I need a few sites to test it.

    So I'm searching for a few e-commerce sites or blogs.


    • +5000 visitors per month
    • +300 indexed pages
    • Back-end language: PHP or Javascript

    I will give you some small modifications on your php/javascript pages, but no major changes.

    Of course, everything is free.

    For information, I've already tried that on another site and the results were about +20% increase on visitors in 4 months. Nothing amazing, but it can help though.

    For those interested, I will be very happy to work with you. Please post on the thread and I'll give you more info by PM.