Experiment on value and indexing of profile links

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by goodseoman, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Few months ago a made some experiment on value and indexing of profile backlinks.
    One site is blasted with Xrumer and the other is backlinked with few thousand of high authority root domain sites (>70/100).
    As you know, all profile links have PR 0, so if mentioning about PR, they (high and low PR) are the same. The true value that not mentioned on some high PR backlink service is the authority of root domain.
    Some high authority sites have low PR but they are many times more valuable than high PR sites that have low authority when building backlinks.
    Authority scale max is 100. For exam: seomoz.org got 86/100.
    PR is totally not for linkjuicing but unluckily, they are easy to be measured everywhere, like Alexa. Authority is not a popular concept cause there is not many places can measure it.
    That's why people usally wonder if Angela style backlinks still work. Yes and no. Luckily if you can buy some "precious" Angela style backlinks that have both high PR and authority. If not, they are not different from low PR spammed sites that Xrumer can gives you 10k in few minutes.
    Most high PR sites are protected strictly from spammer although I have made some MODs for them but so far not goot. It is can only made by manual.
    The last but not the least, indexing. As you can guess, high authority profiles can index 10+ times faster than the others with the same methods.
    The result with 4 months old domain + high authority backlinks: page 1 for dozens of hard seo keywords + Authority of 80/100.
    My conclusion: quality first and then quatity of quality
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    Maybe it's just me but i had a hard time following.
    Are you comparing links from profile pages with links from the homepages?
    How do you find the authority (max 100)?
    What is a high authority profile?
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    I think I get the idea here, but like madoctopus above, I'd like to know how you get your authority values? For instance, what tells you that seomoz.org is an 86/100?

    Without some idea of the grading or value scale being used, the whole notion just becomes sort of an abstract theory, but if you share the means by which you're calculating authority for sites then it becomes something measurable and testable for others.
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    To accurately calculate the mythical trustrank, you would need a map of the entire internet. At most, you're able to guesstimate it.
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    SEOmoz Toolbar show you authority values. Now you can get a free 30 day SEOmoz PRO membership. It is worth to try it.
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    We all know its always quality before quality but the problem would be how to find the powerfull backlinks and auto-post to them?