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    My job? Handjob! Wait, you work with your hands on
    Hiding behind your sofa!!

    GNAX is giving away up to 1000 GHz of CPU and 1000 GBs of RAM of resources on our enterprise-class, multi-tenant cloud. No tricks, no catch, and no purchase required. We just want you to experience our new GNAX Cloud. Once you do, we think you'll want more. Click the order link below to apply for your free instance.

    With each free instance you get:

    • 2 GHz CPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 80 GB Storage
    • 2 cPanel VPS Licenses
    • 4 TB Transfers/month
    • Application performance management with GNAX AppMonitor Standard edition
    • Virtual Firewall
    • 2 Public IP Addresses
    • Free Open Source Operating System licenses, NOT including Microsoft Windows

    At absolutely no cost!*

    Based on VMware vCloud Director, GNAX Cloud enables you to manage your online infrastructure easier than ever before via a self-service web portal. From there you can maximize resource utilization while enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of the business you conduct online.

    • Provision virtual servers on demand - as many as your resources can handle
    • Group servers together for easy organizational management
    • Select and load software and deploy VMs from a pre-defined list in minutes
    • Automate resource management with internal policies
    • Fully configure and manage your network and security from one point

    Take your business agility to new levels with GNAX Cloud. For Free!*

    Request your GNAX Cloud today!

    *A one-time $1 processing fee applies.

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