Experience on Delegating Almost Everything.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by blackhatcatz, Mar 18, 2009.

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    The past few days i've been a bit under the weather and i've been fighting it, a stomach virus had hit me and I keep going to my small office and going home very early since I have enough staff to manage my craigslist and cookie stuffing needs.

    I'm very grateful for cheap labor and smart people. I love that all my hardwork is slowly bearing fruit and I treat my guys like family. I never ever allow them to call me boss in a serious tone, or even 'sir' which is the popular term for boss here.

    It feels a bit weird delegating almost everything. At first it feels great then sometimes you want to micromanage but I tend to keep myself out of things, I just look at the big picture and let my manager/partner (that i've trained) manage the work flow.

    The company is yielding crazy profits with less work from me and it's hard to grasp (being a workaholic) so i'm pursuing other projects etc. Pretty soon I would just have to keep directing the company towards more legit work and more money making ideas and systems.

    So far it has been great. In the next few weeks it will be better and by end of april it will be fantastic. Everything is going according to plan and i'm probably going to have this scaled into a bigger office before end of april. Just to house all of my work needs.

    IM is fantastic. I love it. This isn't a success story more of what can happen to people and how I feel great that I can literally go on a trip for 2 weeks and tell my staff and partner in a big and well planned meeting what I want to happen and I have enough confidence that they will pull it off.

    It's fun and exciting. Anybody here delegate/outsource alot?
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    Congratulations on that, seems like you have it pretty well sorted.
    Personally i am moving in the same direction and am in the process of hiring my first Virtual Assistant.
    I have absolutely no problems with delegating the tasks in hand and look forward to freeing my time up to concentrate on long term strategies in a "whiter" direction
    My favourite saying is "what goes around comes around" and by treating your staff with respect you will surely reap the rewrds
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    you got workers that has at least half a brain.. you're lucky.