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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by zimema, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Dear all, been on this forum in some username or another since 2005 and I consider you all comrades. Here I need clarity, mind has blown a fuse tonight, hardware stores only open tomorrow morning:cool:.

    For real, I wanted to post my tinkering, unsure method after months of reading. Shout out to cash, crashed, meathead, swetech, proxygo and a few others that have been giving me invaluable information on this ever changing business of SEO.

    I have a new site, PLEASE NOTE it is aimed at the South African market, more later.

    With my new Knowledge, I bought Scrapebox. Not much for its blog commenting prowess but so it could scrape high pr blogs and forums in my country .co.za (10 at most for my niche, but the niche has local $$$$$$). I do manual posts with my own IP as I am truly looking to show some humanity amonsgt this armageddon of the machines taking over (if I see another random scrape BLAST thread I might actually pull up my dinner.)

    Accompanying my efforts are a steady 5 a day web2.0 profile building/ bookmarking effort and tracking back to my money site which is a site I need to flip, so walking slow.

    I then create the first wheel by getting all these properties reacting with each other and honestly getting involve. Not so bad if you think of yourself as some media savvy manga avatar.

    I am then blasting these sites with blog comment. I am think of keeping a practice of making a post, blast my 2.0 with a dig bookmark.

    I am trying to do this manually, except for scrapebox, but write now I feel quite random in my sign up and blast. Any assistance in structuring this to become my first method?

    How do you go about ranking someone in a local search engine overseas!:eek:
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    Im south African, just rank it as if it was any other site, to begin with. Do the usual...and then start looking at the google places guidelines and start including your country in the keyword when building backlinks
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    try get local links it will help too. many za blogs you can comment on with scrapbox