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    We all know social media affects SEO, especially Google mentioned social ranking concept, but rare evidence. Here let?s reveal the truth.

    At first one website is selected, the website has been degraded by Google in May 2013. As the result, the website only gets less than 10% search engine traffic comparing with normal happy time before. 2 pages have been also chosen to do the test. It is predicted that the rankings of the mentioned pages would be risen if the 2 pages gain more organic/referral traffic from social media.

    The website has more than about 100 thousand fans at that moment. 1 page is simply promoted everyday. One of the 2 pages is random chosen to set featured/sticky at Facebook fan page every 5 day time. The page normally got 1000 like and 200 share in just 1 hour after setting featured/sticky. At SERP side, the ranking of the page raised to the first page from the second and coming with dozens of search engine traffic. After 5 days, we tested the other page and got the same result. Moreover, the ranking kept around 1 week after cancelling featured/sticky. Then more pages are tested with similar result.


    In fact, according to Jennifer Beese, seven of the 10 most important factors in SEO ranking now come from social media, with Google +1s leading the way. Rounding out the rest of the top seven are Facebook Shares, number of back links, Facebook total, Facebook comments, Facebook Likes, and Pinterest. Tweets aren?t far behind, coming in at number eight. Read the following for 2013 Google Ranking Factors:


    In short, if wanna rise rankings for a single page, you should consider attract some relative social media traffic. For e-commerce platform, we should encourage customers to share the quality products. PS: Don?t worry if Social Media will kill SEO, Dave Conklin proved it.

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