Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

I think I asked this question, but I don't remember when I wrote it. Can we know that crypto is over until the next bitcoin halving? Do you have any trustworthy and reliable proeler that we can hold on to until the next bull?

i can not answer this question

and do not give other people financial advise

crypto market is a complete bubble and its bursting

whole bull market last year 28K to 69K was fueled by spoofing and leverage

bitcoin have never ever faced real stock market bear market and recession

US economy is facing severe recession and it may also turn into ' the depression ' <<< i just hope this doesnt happen otherwise, praying wont help

this is first time bitcoin is facing it

in my opinion we wont see bull market for few years

people who were pumping and dumping ponzi markets are all going bankrupt, who the hell is going to pump bitcoin and other shitcoins?

bitcoin recovery is gonna take some year and also its not certain it will recover, everything depend on fed and US and europe economy now

and of course i could be wrong too but i have been right since last year, this thread is a proof,

tough times ahead, good luck
Why not 4k or 6k? Or maybe 10k or 1k? :)
Nobody knows because when it was $60k everyone says it will go to 100k ....now the same thing happens but in the opposite direction.
$5k will be the bottom ;)
not $4k, $6k, but $5k will be the bottom after all ponzis collapse
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