Exisate t'il un system plus rapide ?


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Aug 12, 2008
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Hi good afternoon to all,

Well is there a quicker way like affiliat to promot

making pages all day long change meta

using 301 redirection and change meta too
and after ping all day long look boring

is there a quicker way or an other free solution please

thanks enjoy your day
sorry i write in French lol
Is there a quicker system please ?
Well if you are promoting Genbucks,markethealth,moreniche etc...

Buy your aff products in bulk for yourself on YOUR site so you get them with the discount and the extra discounts.

Put ads in local papers about the product. Now get small boxes,stamps etc. and already fill up some boxes.

When you get the order (FOR THE ORIGINAL PRICE OR WITH EXTRA PROFIT) put their adress on the box and send it out.

If a product costs online $50 you get them say roughly $25.

so if you sell 10 SINGLE boxes trough those ad you make around $250 a day.


7 x $250 = $1750 a week

Thats how i made my first fortune
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