Exhibition - Its Potentials

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    The company I worked for participated in a Food Exhibition held in Australia. I represented the company along with my colleagues, and since it was my first time. Let me tell you my experience, and the it's potential for IM.

    The exhibition was expecting atleast 2000 distributors, business owners, etc. I've met atleast minimum 70 people per day exchanging business cards. When I got back to the hotel after the 2nd day of the exhibition, I decided to visit their company website because I've got nothing more to do. The website was absolutely crappy. I was going nuts with all the possible methods I can use to profit from this.

    Trust me, these people are very responsive, and they will do anything to enhance their businesses. I've contacted a couple and introduced myself as a web developer whom they met at the exhibition (totally a lie, just to get them to believe that I'm the man). I wrote a simple email offering web development, (which can be outsourced in Fiverr or anywhere cheap), and charge them pretty much 5x or more than the cost price. What's shocking is that they wanted this, that, and everything else they could've thought of about developing an online reputation.

    Well, the game begins. I've got hundreds of business card to work on.
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