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Feb 3, 2014


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For the review, @seoestore sent me demo versions of the dynamic homepage, the client dashboard, and the admin client area. The details of my review are below.

Service Highlights
  • The homepage design was decent enough. Actually, it's the same homepage that's shown in the sales graphic.
  • The client dashboard is a bit cleaner than and functions similarly to most other panels out there. However, two things I noted were different on this panel script were the options to add keywords and an article category if applicable.
  • The admin area allows you to edit most of the elements (text, images, colour scheme, etc) on the homepage and client area all in one place. There's a section for reports, payments, users, script updates, custom CSS, and more.
What Could Use Improvement
  • In the admin area, the option to "change language" comes with default text that, in some places, could've used a bit more explanation or at least an example of where the changes will take place.
What Could Use Improvement
  • N/A
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