Can you please send me your site and price list?

Please send me tier 1 publication list with prices

please send the list and prices over. thanks!

please send the list and prices. Thanks
List and prices sent to all.

Best regards


I received a free editorial article in exchange for my review.

I've worked with @INCC a few times now and I've always found it to be a pleasant experience.

The website that the editorial article was placed on is definitely a quality website, and one that most of you probably know about.

It's been around for a very long time, has great metrics, and receives quite a lot of traffic.

As for the content, it's well-written and was sent to me for approval before publication, so you could likely request edits if you wanted to, but I thought the article was good, and I had no problems with it.

The anchor text was inserted correctly. I asked for a brand mention, and they were able to obtain that for me.

DR: 80
Traffic: 77K+/month (ahrefs)
Website Age: 11+ years (probably older, but Semrush only goes back that far)

I also checked out their list of t1 magazines that they are offering editorial articles on, and there's some nice websites on there, so you may want to check it out.

Overall, I think this is a good service and I would recommend it.

Received a review copy

Communication was outstanding, very professional and quick to respond. I went ahead and sent him my URL and anchor text and I let his writers choose the topic,

Honestly was very surprised the way the article came out, they were spot on with the topic and covered a lot of keywords related to my website. They did a better job than I would have at writing the article. The website is a very high authority website I've seen before.

Ahrefs DR shows 80 with a bunch of authority backlinks that are hard to come by. Semrush stats show 72K in organic traffic and ranking for 250K keywords. An extremely healthy and powerful site.

The guest post has already been indexed and I know for a fact I will get a push in the SERPS ranking.

Also ranking keyword amount has stayed consistent over the years so it has not been penalized in any way by Google which is something I always check for when looking at stats.

Thanks again and good luck with sales. I can definitely vouch for @INCC he is a reputable seller on the forum and you will be satisfied with any purchase you make.

Thorough Review of INCC's Tier I Magazine Editorial Service:

I've worked with INCC a few times over the years. He has procured some absolutely outstanding Niche Edits for me in the past (on publications some of the other providers on BHW couldn't seem to touch) - so when he reached out to me to see if I was interested in checking out his latest BST, I had no reservations; this is someone I know I can trust with my client sites.

I've been in the SEO space for over a decade now. I run a local agency, and part of my services revolve around procuring strong brand-worthy links month to month for my clients. Since I am working with actual small local businesses - I am extremely selective of the types of services I can utilize. I build most links manually, do my own outreach, write my own content, etc. However; some publications on which I would love to get a link or media mention for clients/brands I am working with are simply out of reach either due to those publications not working with any "outsiders'' or they are simply too cost-prohibitive upon inquiry; or a combination of the two.

Honestly - I'm blown away by the editorial INCC landed for me and the results I'm seeing so far


After the initial conversation; INCC sent me a draft of the editorial post he was planning on getting published. We had agreed upon the style/voice of the post, which topics should be discussed, how the brand/client I'm working with should be portrayed, and the ideal anchor text to use for the link. The post was perfect right off the bat; no need for edits of any kind.


I got a full editorial on a well-known magazine publication that gets over 450,000 hits/month online. The article is published directly on the publication not via some sort of "guest contributor" or subdomain. The link goes directly to my brand's landing page without any sort of "sponsored" tag - this is the best-case scenario for such posts. As mentioned, the article itself showcases my brand/client exactly as appropriate for both the brand, as well as the magazine itself.


The editorial piece went live a few days ago and I'm already seeing some positive movements on a bunch of keywords tied to the page we linked to. I used this page in particular because I haven't touched it with any other links for months, and wanted to gauge the impact. I have absolutely no doubt even higher rankings are around the corner especially considering the little bonus that I have just discovered (I dive into this a little further down).


INCC clearly has direct access to writers at these magazines, and his prices for the results they get are an absolute bargain. My client is beyond thrilled with the boost in rankings as well as their business being mentioned in an editorial piece for such a well-known and respected publication.


I really didn't expect this - but a couple of days after I received notice from INCC that the piece had been published, I searched for the exact editorial title in quotes to see if it had already been indexed (it was actually already indexed on the day of publication); to my delight, 2 additional powerful magazine/news domains had picked up and syndicated this editorial! These were not some auto-blogs, but genuine news/culture online publications whose staff/editors came across the original content and syndicated on onto their own platforms! - I'm waiting to see if anyone else does so in the coming days :)

The publications INC has access to are Tier I world-renowned magazines and getting an editorial written by their staff about the company/brand/client you are working with (or your own business) is an amazing opportunity to grow your online presence. These are not only strong links that can move the needle; this is real online marketing that gets your business in front of engaged readers, potential customers, and other publications.

In Summary: 10/10

I got a link placed on LA Weekly in exchange for this review.

I want to start by thanking OP for allowing me some more time to write this review. This is really appreciated.
It's also no secret that I like working with INCC. I use one of his other services for a client of mine, and I, myself, have reviewed his services before. This is, though, a different type of service, so I tried my best to remain objective.

TL;DR: 8.5/10 - Prices are great for the level of content and metrics of the sites. Headache-free service.

In this review, I tried to cover different aspects you may want to consider when buying a premium link that can also be considered a PR service.

Level of Content
I'm happy with what I got. There were a few technical mistakes in the article, and after pointing them out, they were all fixed. Needed one revision total.

Site Metrics and Type of Link
View attachment 291088
View attachment 291090

The link is a no-follow, which I really don't mind, the post is indexed, and at the bottom of the page, there's this notice:

That being said, I've seen the same message on every article I checked, including ones with no links at all.

I feel like $300 is a fair price for such a service (content + placement). The pricing list is transparent, obviously, so you can see for yourself.

Some may not like it, but I really liked it that OP is not over-communicating, which is, unfortunately, something I see with many sellers. He updates me when I need an update, and leaves me alone when there's nothing to discuss. I never felt "left out", though.

This is a premium service, no doubt. It doesn't suit every project, but real businesses looking for higher-tier backlinks / PR will greatly benefit from this service.
I'll be more than happy to pitch it to clients and acquire some more links in the future for my business. 8.5/10

Service Review

I was given an article placement as part of a review package. From the onset, @INCC was easy to communicate with, offering clear instructions and description of what I would be getting. After giving my urls, keywords and article subject, just over a week later I was given a draft copy of my article. It read well and explored the subject in a decent amount of depth. I gave minimal edits, and after the weekend I was presented with my live links.

The site I was placed on is juicy, with DR79 and 70k monthly traffic, mainly from the US. The site is pleasing on the eyes and packed with content - not cheap filler, actual content you'd sit down with a cuppa to read. Indexing is very healthy, with over 100k pages in Google's index. Indeed, my article was already indexed and available to searchers when I was given the link!

To sum up, this is a top-shelf service for content marketers, enabling you to get those juicy links your website has been crying out for. Plus, I've had a couple of clickthroughs already!


I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the seller. Here is my review.

Before we start, I have been buying featured articles from different sellers on BHW before, so I have already knowledge on how these things work, what is the procedure, and so on.


I received a featured article with backlinks for two of my different domains. The website is a known magazine with a DR of 79 and around 600k backlinks from other huge sites. Also, the domain gets a lot of organic traffic as well. The domain also fits right into my niche, which makes it extra good.


The communication with the seller was very professional and fast. He answered all the questions I had, took care of all the special requests I had. Especially when it comes to investments like featured articles, which can sometimes costs thousands of dollars, it is extremely valuable to work someone who is professional and knows how business is done. INCC did an excellent job communicating with me. I always knew about the current progress and how long things will take.


I gave the seller a few basic information about the article such as the domains, name of the business and also the specific person that should be mentioned. The article turned out to be very detailed, factual correct and interesting to read. Of course, the article was also unique and the quality was just as you expect: Professional article from a professional writer.

Some more information about the article and the links:

Article word count: 1000-1100 words
Links: Two backlinks we correct anchor I requested. No other outgoing links, which is great for the link juice.
Link type: Contextual links, do f0llow
The article was well formatted, easy to read and professional.

In less than 24 hours the article already got indexed and is on Google.

Overall experience:

Here is my overall experience, also compared to the other sellers selling featured article:

I would definitely recommend this service and will probably buy featured articles from this seller in the feature. He really did an outstanding job. Everything was high quality: Domain, article, communication. Great experience and definitely worth it. I had a much better experience with him than with other sellers. All the time I was informed about the progress. Especially when you invest so much money, you are always asking yourself about the progress or if there are any problems. With INCC I never had any doubts. I always knew what was going to happen next.

10/10 Points!

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