Exchange Your old domains that You don't use for huge agregated content niche site

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    Hi,after reading this thread about how much domains someone from us have (thread here on BHW of course ) and I got one idea for people who own a lot of domains 30, 50, 100 or more but don't use them.Here is a chance to monetize in small business with me

    How ?

    I am making sites that aggregating content from specified niche, mixing (making unique) with from few thousands up to 200.000-300.000 pages even more. You can give me 5-10 domains, depending what You are offering and what You are asking for and I will in exchange make You one of those sites.After that You just need a bit SEO, link building and time to start receiving huge traffic and what happends then I don't need to explain :)

    Contact me and tell me what domains You have, and how much, and give me URLs to check and I will tell You what I can offer You. Of course everybody who is interested and PM me, will get URL of that kind of huge site(s) that I am using for generating excelent and huge pure organic traffic.

    I am doing this because I need certain number of domains and offer is let say limited, I need 20-30 domains and it is better for me to compensate on this way , because of large numbers of projects that I am in now I am almost without budget. So if that is interesting for You contact me and maybe we can make some deal.

    Forgot to say that I can also offer in exchange for certain number of domains customised meta-search engines
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    ye right