exams finsihed :D nothing to do

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by keshavdutt, Apr 2, 2009.

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    okay so today my exams finished and i have about one and a half month before results.
    so here are my plans:
    1)i would be trying PPI during this period :)
    well thts just it, havent made up mind on anything else till now and thts why i posted this thread :p

    so any other method tht can pay in a month and i earn about 600$-700$ till the end of my holidays?(as i need to buy a vps for my site :p)

    or someone who can help me earn this money i am ready to do a JV if money is assured :D

    so help me :rolleyes:

    if u anyother idea please share :)
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    Dam! 6 Smileys in one post! lol

    Anyways..try adult affiliate marketing :) Big $$$ here
  3. keshavdutt

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    see thts what happen to mind of person when his exam got over :D

    anyways can u help with adult affiliate marketing?
  4. keshavdutt

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    lolzz the roti paratha method wont work :p

    and as for the articles it will be difficult and low paying :( but i'll think about it :p