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    Sep 16, 2008
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    I haven't tried this yet, just wanted to get some feedback.

    Build up a giant list of msn contacts by going to adult chatrooms and saying something along the lines of "Anyone want to chat one on one, hit me up on msn at [email protected]"..... From my "ewhoring" experience, I know that most horny guys will add you almost immediately.

    Anyway, once your list is pretty big, use some sort of msn spammer to broadcast your message containing your adult related site. Make the message look real, though. You don't want them thinking that the msg came from a bot or something.

    Most guys will probably click on the link if you've made the msg look personal. I'm not sure of what kind of site would work or what kind of monetizing you would need, but I think this could work if done right. I also assume your conversions wouldn't be as high as ewhoring.

    So anyway, it was just an idea that was floatin' around in my head.
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    I guess making love to your eyes since you're read
    In your mind.
    They are getting so used to it, so much so that they will ask you straight up sometimes "you're not one are you"

    But you should do the go-ahead. My belief is that any method will work for the persons who get into that whore mentality and can feel comfortable being that whore. So it's more about how believable you are rather than the methods you use.
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