***Everything You Need to Know About Online Content Marketing*** (Part 2)

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    Everything You Need to Know About Online Content Marketing
    Part 2: Where to Get and Submit Online Content

    For part 1, you can read it here: Part 1: The Basics

    Now that we've talked about the basics of online content marketing, let's talk about how to get content and where to submit it. There are multiple ways in which you can get online content:
    • Write it yourself.
    • Hire other people to write it.
    • Use software to do it (automatically or semi-automatically).
    • Get people to write it for free.

    Writing Everything Yourself

    This is the good, old-fashioned (but proven) method when creating content.

    • You will have complete control over your content's quality.
    • You will have complete control over when your content is finished.
    • The content will contain all of your originality.
    • Your readers will really get to know you.
    • You won't need any money (except for the electricity which you use to power the computer/device that you type on, of course).

    • You will need the time to write everything yourself.
    • You will need the time to make sure the content is high-quality.
    • You will need the time to proofread it.
    • Did I mention you will need "time"?

    Hiring Other People

    This is a good option if you don't want to write your own content, or if you just don't have the time to. You can easily find copywriters for hire on freelance websites and on internet marketing forums.

    • You don't have to write your own content.
    • Let others worry about proofreading it.
    • You have more time to do other things.

    • You will need money, and it can get expensive (depending on how much content you buy).
    • You won't have complete control over it.
    • The content won't have your originality.
    • Your users won't really get to know "you." No, instead, they'll get to know your copywriter(s).
    • You will have to dedicate some time to finding quality copywriters.
    • They likely won't be your "dedicated" copywriters, so rest assured they're writing similar content for others.
    • Be prepared to pay more for dedicated copywriters.
    • Be prepared to shell out the benjamins for any serious amount of content (whether the copywriters are dedicated or not).

    Using Software

    Most content creation tools have features that make generating content fully automatic (where the software does all of the work) or semi-automatic (where you do most of the work but with help from the software).

    • Can save you time by creating the content for you (if the feature is fully automatic).
    • Can save you time by creating the majority of the content for you (if the feature is semi-automatic).
    • Can save you money by creating content that you would, otherwise, hire someone to create.
    • Some software makes it easy to "convert" your content into different types (e.g. .txt to a .pdf file).
    • A fast way to generate content for, usually, your off-site content (e.g. tiered content, email campaigns, social media, etc).
    • Continuing from above, thus, can be a quick way to make bank.

    • Most features are not meant to create content for your main/money site.
    • Using the content on your money site usually means you have to, first, "tweak" the generated content to your liking.
    • Because it can be associated with grey and black hat methods, your content strategies (just like any other grey or black hat strategy) need to be "adaptable" to be anything longer than short-term success.
    • Most of the same cons that you get when you have other "people" write your content (such as it not having your originality).

    Getting Other People to Write for Free

    What?! people will write for free?! Yes, of course, when they have something to gain. This method involves people writing content for your website with the expectation that they can leave a link to their own website (e.g. guest blogging).

    • Save you money, since you get high-quality content for free.
    • Can save you time (if you had to write the content yourself).
    • Contains most of the pros that you would get had you "hired" someone.

    • You will need the time to set clear rules for your guest posts.
    • If you are popular enough, you will have to sort out the people (which could be a lot) that will really bring value to your website.
    • You will need the time to manage and moderate your guest posts.
    • Contains most of the cons that you would get had you "hired" someone.

    Where to Actually Submit or Market all of this Content?

    As we already know, on-site content goes directly on your main/money site while off-site content goes on other websites. Article directories, public blogging websites, private blog networks, social media websites, and any websites that allow guest blogging are great sources for textual, off-site content. For media formats like documents, podcasts, and videos, then doc-sharing websites, podcast directories, and video-sharing websites are great sources to submit these.

    Read part 3 here: Part 3: Converting and Reusing Your Content
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    Great continuation from part 1. Ready to read part 3 now!