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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Kinda stumbled upon this site, while doing research on selling a fairly lucrative product, Black Mamba Herbal Incense, and trying to establish the skills to build multiple websites and develop traffic to sell that. I'm glad I landed here though, I'm very intrigued and interested in learning. I was hoping to perhaps meet someone who could kind of mentor me through the whole beginning process. I obviously have to learn the basics before I can expect to participate fully in the forum. I understand that it's really something I should study before asking for help, but any pointers would be great. I.E.- what kind of code should I be learning first? Java, C++ ? Just anything to help me pick up this process as quickly as possible, I'm currently 'unemployed' officially but have always managed to maintain through entrepreneurship. Hopefully, I can learn some interesting things and this can become a steady source of income.

    Cheers to being successful and being your own boss.