Everything Happens For A Reason...

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    Ever had a week of misfortune within your life that you don't see why it has happened? You ask why you deserve the misfortune within your life and come up with a blank answer to why you deserve it? Well don't think about it as misfortune, think about it as a sign for something better to come along.

    My story goes like this... 2 Friday's ago I started my job working with a company called Pettit doing brick masonry. Of course I started as just a laborer and the work isn't that hard but its hard, I won't lie to you about that. When I came up for the job someone said I was going to make $10-11 an hour being a laborer. That was dead wrong, I was out there in the hot sun working my ass off for 8 hours a day for $8 an hour (no taxes) which came out to $64 a day but instead of them splitting taxes with you, you would have to pay 15% instead of 7.5% which ended up meaning you had to hold on to 25% of every check for the government. Well 2 days ago my "foreman" which is a piece of shit started giving me shit for helping take down scaffolding instead of scrubbing a wall with a brick. 2 hours into the day I got fired and told to go home.

    So today I got my final check from the company which was slack $30 which extremely pissed me off. Well just a little bit ago I headed to another school in which they are building in my area and got directed to another brick masonry company. As soon as I told em I worked over there they said that company had a bunch of fuck ups and I was in pretty much automatically. He gave me a start of $9/hour and 45 hours a week with taxes taken out so I only have to pay 7.5% at the end of the year.

    End of story my buddy who didn't stand up for himself and let the boss bitch at his ass all day is making $10 an hour and every hour since he has no taxes out has to pay $1.50. Since I stood up for myself and got fired I am making $9 an hour with taxes taken out of $0.67 per hour. At the end of this we will be making about the same but I won't be getting bitched at and we end the week with a $5 difference with our checks and I get cash back at the end of the year and he doesn't since he has to give to the government. So the moral of this story everything happens for a reason.
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    Good to know things work out, bro.

    I never regret things that happened in life and you shouldn't too.
    Never feel sorry, merciful or whatsoever.
    If we have not made a certain decision or f*cked up things that happened to us, we wouldn't be here today.
    For instance, if I have not step into IM, how would life be now? If the girl which I wooed for months have accepted me, I don't think I would have been in the IM business and whatsoever. So things basically worked out right in the end.

    Small decisions alters our future a lot. There's opportunity in every adversary.
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    the moral of this story for me is you make your own life you didn't seattle down with what life gave you, you asked for a change and you got one. I do not believe in stuff like everything happens for a reason or destiny/fate?. but anyway I really happy it worked out for you :)
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    having recently gone through a "life changing" event (type nashville flood into YT), I can see yes, there is (or can be) something good that comes from any event in your life. Because of the flood (which totally wiped me out), I've met some people I'd not known before who are the salt of the earth. That and I got to see the heart and soul of a community coming together for the common good.

    Life IS... what you make of it.