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Everything good has to start small, isnt it right?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dreadpixel, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. dreadpixel

    dreadpixel Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 27, 2010
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    bot developer, automation, growth hacking
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    I've been wondering around with big ideas about how I have been through so much finding my path just to find it on my devotion to invent. Ive been passioned about web automation, coding, arduino, doing some basic robotics and so on.
    I eventually have created bots and products I didnt expect they will sell so well.
    So it starts as a basic product and being lots of clients claiming that many bugs exist. Paying attention is what worked for me, those clients of hell makes your product better, they are like obsessive supervisors. Look it at the bright side, you wont need to hire consultants :p.
    Well, I now have a product selling and lots of ideas to integrate many other networks along with 1 purpose in mind. Conversion. I need this products actually make a profit for clients, doing smart analysis, reminders, reports, automation, sentiment gathering, tracking and more. But like I said, I remember when I went into Internet Marketing. I first invested a cash I earned on Odesk to buy a Kontent Machine, which actually was full of bugs and many links to movies database were broken. I failed.
    Later started with reselling social network numbers. That resulted as a disaster. I made money but many clients were mad at me because methods were patched and some of them got their videos down.
    Then I went through SEO, which it was good at first, all methods actually worked. Until Google Penguin update everything went to hell. Clients cancelled contracts and everything got picky. (Without mentioned many clients didnt want to update their sites to do an ON-Site optimization. That was crazy!).
    So here I am, doing what I have loved the most. Learning code, practiced 3 years being an hermit and eatting code creating many challenges for myself. Reading JSON, JQuery, PHP, C# and many other technologyes and frameworks.
    I have found my path on the right way, and I dont see the castle coming down if I just follow the gold rule. Listen what your clients say.

    I hope this helps someone to start a Journey, find what you love most!
    Be brave, never stop learning and DO IT!