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Nov 1, 2009
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One of the most important things I would like to address is why it is so crucial to have and maintain the correct mindset during your Internet Marketing journey. There are so many people that want to make $1,000,000.00 with the next big idea, the fact of the matter is that many people will fail (simply by not taking action) and only a few will truly succeed in this journey. I want to point out the ?Doctor? analogy. Just because a doctor makes a great salary does not mean that I want to go to school to study and become a doctor. In reality, I would be bored and have no real motivation to purse that career. If I did choose the path to become a doctor then I am sure I would either give up or just get so frustrated throughout the learning process which would lead me to quit and ultimately be unhappy. The reason I am saying this is because Internet Marketing just like being a doctor, it is not for everyone.

Yes, you can earn a great income with Internet Marketing but is it truly you passion? Follow your passion and then the money will come! If making money on the Internet and Internet Marketing is your passion then continue reading?

Please note: This is not a method but rather a way to help people understand and engage the proper mindset while pursuing Internet Marketing.


Discovering and Engaging the Proper Mindset

The first step to achieving success online or any success for that matter is having and engaging the proper mindset. This is one major part of Internet Marketing which I cannot stress enough. If you feel at any time bored with the process of learning how to market online then it may be that internet marketing is just not for you. I feel that having true success is when you do what you are passionate about. Success will soon follow in the footsteps of your passion which will ultimately drive you to earning more money in the future and true happiness.

Having this mindset ensures that you have what it takes to succeed in whatever you decide to do. Another very important thing to understand is that with hard work come?s a great reward. The more time & effort you put in then the more money you can ultimately make. Internet Marketing is tough and not for everyone. The same can be said for being a ?doctor?. With this in mind you can make certain that you are doing it for the passion and not the money.

When you are first getting started in Internet Marketing it can be overwhelming but the key here is to research and take time to find out what your strong points are. What do you like to do on the Internet? Once you have discovered at least 10 different Internet Marketing techniques that you enjoy write them down and then pick 2-3 that you feel the most comfortable putting into action. Now that you have a dedicated list of 2-3 strategy?s you can make a dedicated schedule to purse at least one every day for at least 2-3 weeks. Why 2-3 weeks? Because you need data to split test against. Laying this foundation of split test data is crucial to determine what is working and not working for you.

Here is an example; you enjoy Social Networking using Facebook and Twitter so you decided to write that down as the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Strategy you would like to start testing (keep the current testing variables limited to only a few). Now, develop a plan of action for what your daily tasks will be for that 1[SUP]st[/SUP] strategy. Be sure to implement the same strategy for the 2-3 weeks while constantly tracking all data that will be relevant for you to push forward within that specific strategy. Then, when you have implemented for 2-3 weeks you can change/tweak your strategy. This will give you the; a, b, c, etc. split test information that is crucial to achieving success in any Internet Marketing strategy. Once you feel comfortable, you can start implementing more strategies while consistently split testing. Be sure not to spread yourself to thin here and take on too much. Remember, that is why you are only choosing 3 strategies instead of the 10 you originally had in mind.

Now that I have opened your thought process a bit, lock it down and start taking action on developing and engaging the proper mindset for what you are truly passionate about.


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May 2, 2010
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Superb post, i have had the pleasure of working with trance, and this dude is da bomb!!! great post mate.


Mar 31, 2013
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trance is a very good person and he has helped me with many things even though i mostly fail because of laziness and no determination. Internet marketing is not like an ordinary job you have to push yourself there is no boss to force you to work. You have to love what you are doing otherwise it wont be any good and you will end up giving up or seeing no results.


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Apr 14, 2010
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Agree with dremora,helas i'm not a new member[but still newbie :)],trance92071 is a very good person,very helpful and he has helped me too.I'm really happy that there are people like him in our community and had the pleasure to add him as 1 of my contacts on skype.


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Oct 27, 2009
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great post, a business mentor told me the same. i told him i wasn't really passionate abouT what i was doing however on reflection i was. i do like building sites and scripts.