Everyone getting "to" used to Google...

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    Just read an Article on Bloomberg about their profits and share prices decreasing ... just wondering with the update and that, whether it's an attempt to increase profits.

    I mean, their sponsored links now have a pink background rather than the one than the orange that we're all familiar with and used to.

    Perhaps Google's rise, will in the end, be it's down fall? At the end of the day, I doubt Google will fall anytime shortly, if they ever even will - but perhaps the update is some sort of bid to get themselves back up the top...

    If you, ironically, Google about Google's profits, there are loads of Articles, specifically from Reuters, that talk about Google's decline - and not showing much improvement. They're releasing there web-based operating system soon, which is free too... so, I don't know, just wondered what you guys think?
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