Everyone can benefit from this !


Nov 25, 2007
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If everyone here went to everyone else's sites everyday then, we would all be slammed with traffic and all of us would have nice traffic and a fairly decent adsense report :). But then again who am i kidding ? What do u think about something like that? could it work? would it work? who would be down ?

As a community here at black hat we could all benefit from this.

I would be even willing to make a program. That could do this for all of us automatically! Just load a list of urls, set the delay you want to stay on each site, prob more then 5 min each i would think, and just go through each one. Im sure we could all come up with a nice list and have it here so everyone could use it.

Like i said let me know what u think and lets all help each other out and get some traffic to our sites for free and a lot of it :D
That is a really good idea, but how would you differ from appearing as a click ring to ad-sense...

I am definitely interested in traffic exchange, so pm me if you have any further details.
Well thats the thing, if we all did it plus the traffic we normally get, then I don't think they would be able to tell. If someone is more educated in this then please advise and let us know what other alternatives we could use. But even if we cant click our adsense, then at least we can all get traffic. Which rises the value of our domains!
It is an idea Bo, only one major hurdle.

I have thought about some kind of coop for the members here, but it has the same hurdle.

The secretive nature of each person's niche and the fact that we are blackhatters doesn't seem to mix well.
LOL, yes that is a big hurdle and seems to be an issue. But if we get enough willing black hatters, because we all know that some people wont do it and some people will then I think we may have a chance in getting this to work. The program will take like 15 min to make so its not that big of a deal. We can start creating a list with the willing people and get this ball rolling, I mean whats the worst that could happen.

If we try it and its successful then everyone will be happy, if its not then, we will just have to make something else happen.
I agree Bo, fully, and I'll be in on it too.

There are a lot of things a strong coop could do to get things going well for everyone, and at a low cost too, which is the main thing.
Its a great idea but you have to come towards the whole idea in this way.

You have to randomize the sites you visit, like stumbleudon, and make sure you dont go click crazy. The power is in the numbers.

1-5 you might make a few bucks a week.
5-10 maybe $20 a week.

100+ your talking good money.

I am starting this same idea with CPA offers, but I will be profit sharing for programs that offer zip submits, installs and email submission.

Anyone with a good background in CPA stuff I would be glad to hear a response.

I just put up a picture hosting site, I submitted it to stumble and got tons of hits.

I will put it in my signature, anyone here feel free to post screenshots for this forum there. I will not block any unless they are pornogrphic or illegal.

Please feel free to contact me about any of this.

Yes, i see. Well I have the program about done, so I will be posting that link as soon as we get enough people, and a large enough list. I'm not sure about visiting random ones this is just a simple app going down a list of sites. I can make a list randomizer that will randomize your list then you can load it and search the sites.

Please don't go click crazy on the sites, I think that if we all run it once a day and click 1 ad on everyones site, then we will all be generating some adsense. To many clicks and then we might as well not be doing it cause your bound to get discovered.

If you think of it this way: Get 100 people to participate, that means 100 clicks a day, if your only getting .03 cents a click then that adds up to about $3 dollars. But keep going with those numbers and you can see the profit to be made off of nearly no effort at all.

And like I mentioned I'm giving this program away, so there is no investing, this is all profit!
I think it is a great idea, where do I sign up? :D

If it was scripted and loaded a list of URLs from participating members...then how would it click on AdSense? Would the script also build in a random click within certain coordinates? How would the random clicking tie in with the random URL visiting?

I think it could be a cool idea and I'd certainly be willing to participate, submit some sites, and run the script daily.
Wonderful idea. My question is that I have banners adsense on my site no prob right?
Also is it possible to just list the links down a page so I can fly thru them? I don't see a " All Links" page or am I not seeing it.
I have done that with my friends.We gather 200 people from my country and we all made blogger blog with some high paying keywords,and we made one simple 'visit schedule' program.This is the basic thing:100-200 people or more visit your blog per day and 15-25 of them clicks on ads and one or two sing up in refferal ad by google,and the same people who click on your ad doesn't click next five 0r six days,and
always use a proxy.My average day earning was 20-80$
nice idea bro, isn't it like stumblr good for this? we gain traffic + stumbles !

as for idea of clicking ..rmm I think it's not a wise idea unless we come up with a nice trick to not provoke any attention of the G guy's
Simon, Do you currently do this? Did you get bored with it, busted or ??
i registered in this site just to reply this thread after looking after it. (sory for bad english)

i tried this 2 years ago first it worked well and my adsense boomed to 150 $ in a week after that next day i saw my id was banned and the reason is using a program for impressions and clicks so be careful.

so try in a cool way so that the G guys wont get you.
It worked for six months 2,5 years ago,but then I get busted for some other things(13 months in jail) .But Big brother G never catch us
Yes that is the thing, DONT GO CLICK CRAZY and i think we will be just fine, maybe have a sign up list and assign a day to people and have a random list everyweek to do this. There is a lot of planning. Well you could just manually click the ads. I will try and come up with a way to click the ads automatically not sure how it would work but I will look into it. The program is done. So lets get a list of the url's together with everyones sites and lets do it. At least drive traffic to them for now until we come up with away to stay clean of the G man!
Ok the program is done I need some beta testers so I can find the bugs. (IF ANY). So let me know if your interested!
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