Every SaaS Referral Program You Need: 51 Ways to Earn More Money

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    SOURCE: https://www.process.st/referral-program/

    You don’t have to be a consultant to get paid for recommending software. Instead, you can earn money or in-app credits by using a referral program.

    In other words, you can earn money for referring products without paying a cent. Yes, I know that sounds like a “I earn $1,537.87 per day from home” clickbait ad, but it’s true.

    Usually you’ll be given a unique link which, when clicked, will take the viewer to a product’s home page and track you as having referred them. Then, if they sign up or make a purchase, you’ll be given a reward.

    Whether you’re looking to expand your toolkit of items you can refer to clients, get a bonus for referring a tool you were promoting anyway, or just to promote more with the sole aim of earning more money, below is a list of 51 SaaS referral programs which you can use to get rewards ranging from one-time bounties and in-app credits, to lifetime recurring commissions.

    From creating business systems to database automation, the following 51 referral programs will cover software spanning:

    • Accounting
    • Cloud storage
    • Communication
    • CRM
    • Data management
    • Ecommerce
    • Email marketing
    • Form creation
    • Hosting
    • Human resources
    • Landing pages
    • Process documentation
    • Productivity
    • Project management
    • Referral programs
    • Security
    • Stacks, suites, and all-in-ones
    • Social media marketing
    • Time management
    • Video marketing
    • VPN

    What is a referral program?
    For the purposes of this article, a referral program is anything which allows someone outside of a company to promote it in return for a reward. This can be in the form of sharing a unique link which tracks who referred viewers, providing banners to be used on a website (with a similar tracker), and so on.


    The terms “referral” and “affiliate” in this way are interchangeable, since “referral” typically means a direct referral to someone you know, while an “affiliate” promotes to people they don’t know.

    For example, you “refer” your family members and friends to products you know and trust, but sharing a product with your Twitter followers with an aim to make money off the referrals is usually considered “affiliate” marketing. However, due to many companies using the terms interchangeably, this article will include both referral programs and affiliate programs. See ReferralCandy’s infographic above to learn more about the overlap between the two terms.

    Also, as a last note before we begin, referral programs come is two varieties; direct and link-based. Direct referrals require you to know the details of the person you’re referring, as they usually involve filling out a form. Link referrals are exactly that – URLs, banners, and other materials which link back to a product and track you as the source of that referral.

    Sign up and start earning rewards today
    Referral programs are a fantastic way to earn more money by sharing useful technology with your audience, be they family, friends, customers, or subscribers. The choice is yours with how far you want to go with pushing these apps, however.

    A quick word of warning on that front; if you’re too pushy with your referral links (especially for the sake of making a commission) then expect to be treated like a salesperson. Recommend products where they will be relevant and useful by all means, and (since you’re recommending them anyway) grab that referral bonus for yourself, but don’t risk alienating the person you’re talking to.

    What do you think of referral programs? Are they a gimmick or do they hold genuine merit in a company of any size? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

    SEE list here: https://www.process.st/referral-program/
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